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Car Jump Start

Jump Start Your Car - Dead Car Battery

It’s awful when your car won’t drive because of a dead battery, especially if you’re traveling in bad weather, alone, or at night. In today’s society, most people are afraid to stop and offer help and having a stranger stop poses its own safety dangers.

Your car's battery can fail for many reasons, including a long period of not using it, interior lights left on, or cold weather. No matter the reason, having a dead car battery can spoil your plans and leave you stranded.

Most people don't know the correct way to connect jumper cables. Instead of risking getting shocked or damaging your vehicle Edmonton Towing professionals know how to make the correct connections before boosting your car's battery. If you’re in a place with restricted access, such as an underground parking garage, we'll dispatch our special heavy duty car booster tow truck, specially designed for underground conditions.

We operate a 24/7 hour car jump start service to give your car the boost it needs to get you back safely on the road.Our car jump start service isn’t just reliable, it’s fast too.You can count on us to be there quickly, usually within 30 minutes of your call. Once we arrive, Edmonton Towing can jump start your battery and get you back on the road in just 5-10 minutes. If the car has been sitting awhile and not in use, count on about 30 minutes or longer.

If you need a car battery boost, Edmonton Towing is here to help. We offer 24/7 roadside service to get your dead battery fixed or replaced and your car jump started in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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