Have you ever imagined what to do if you get locked outside your car on a lonely road? The situation might sound terrifying, especially when you are at a far-flung place. Let us read the blog to tackle the problem effectively

According to the locksmith industry’s statistics, around 16,000 people get themselves locked outside the car every day on average. The situation might happen to anybody as you might leave the keys inside the vehicle, and you can get locked outside when you are distracted, as your mind is crowded with numerous thoughts at a single time.  

It becomes too late when you realize that you have left the keys inside the car, and now you are searching for an alternate solution. We are not the marvel characters who can manipulate time and reverse back our actions like Doctor strange.  

In situations like these, It is essential to get help and not fix things yourself as it might cause irreversible damage to your car. What you can do is immediately ask for roadside assistance from a professional towing service. If you own a car, it is pertinent that you know about the car lockout services.  

Before heading any further, let us quickly understand the car lockout service feature and how is it beneficial?


If you are stuck outside your car at a remote location or any place nearby, you can immediately call for the redressal of the car unlocking issue. The aid provided is called a car lockout service.

There are various companies that professionally and effectively provide Car Lockout services. This lockout aid feature is included in the roadside assistance service.

The professionals will immediately reach the spot and start the process of extracting. In the roadside assistance service, the motorists help in breakdowns, mechanical failures and car lockouts.

There are other options, such as calling a locksmith, but these services will be helpful only if you are near the city. The most efficient and convenient way to get help in far-flung areas is to call Car Lockout Services.

in the below paragraph, let us quickly look at some of the tips that might help us unlock the car in the absence of roadside assistance.


unlock car



Mishaps don’t ask anybody before occurring. You should be aware of some of the tips to help yourself in case your car gets locked from inside. In the below paragraph, let us understand some of the tips that can prove to be of great help in such emergencies.

1.USING BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF: You can insert the blood pressure cuff slowly inside the car opening and start pumping the air as soon as you witness the car door opening up, slightly lower the pressure and try to pull up the lock without causing much damage safely.

2.USING A HANGER: You are lucky enough if you have horizontal locks inside your cars, and then hangers can be a good way of unlocking the car by unwiring it into a straight line. Make a hook and pull the lock by working it inside the door.

3.TAKING HELP OF STEEL SPATULA: The steel spatula can slide inside the door and create an opening, and you can easily unlock the mechanism.

4.SCREWDRIVERS: Screwdrivers are considered to be a tricky tool. You need to carefully insert the mouth of screwdrivers into the window panel to open the car. Take precautions and ensure that the screwdrivers do not cause much damage.

NOTE: These tips are rescue tricks only for emergencies. Wrong application of the same might cause harm to the paint or damage other exteriors of the car.

CONCLUSION: Even though some proven tricks can be used to unlock the car on your own, there is always a pinch of risk involved in it. The tools and equipment used to unlock the vehicle might cause severe damage to the vehicle itself.

It is always preferable to take advice and assistance from the professional car unlock service and get the job done.

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