In recent years, road accidents have persisted due to various factors like traffic violations, drunk driving, ignoring safety measures like seat belts and helmets, and surpassing speed limits. These incidents often result in car damage, leading to a need for roadside assistance or towing services for vehicle recovery.

According to recent data from ICBC, significant causes of accidents in Canada include speeding, impaired driving, and distractions, accounting for a substantial portion of fatal incidents. Distractions contribute to 29% of fatal accidents, while speeding and drunk driving account for 28% and 23%, respectively.

Despite awareness campaigns, these issues remain prevalent, emphasizing the importance of following traffic rules and prioritizing safety measures while driving.

Read this blog to understand some significant causes of car accidents and what could be done to prevent them:

Weather Conditions:

Some climatic factors, like snowfall and heavy rains, make it unsafe for drivers to drive at their average speeds. There is always a prescribed speed limit for driving on snowy and icy roads, and drivers need to adhere to these speed limits to avoid any traffic accidents.

Use of Cell Phones while Driving:

How often do we come across people using their phones while driving? Although dangerous, using cell phones while driving has become very common. This puts the driver, passengers and other travellers at significant risk. If necessary, you can take your calls in hand-free mode and avoid using your phone while driving.

Reckless Driving:

Some drivers become very aggressive when driving. It is expected that people will notice overspeeding, repeatedly honking, tailgating, ignoring traffic signals, changing lanes frequently, and passing insensitive comments while driving on streets or highways. This puts the drivers at significant risk. When drivers exceed their speed limit, they risk their own lives and the lives of other travellers on the road.

Overspeeding is responsible for a lot of car accidents and deaths every year. Many people habitually get late and then drive fast to work. But the truth is, it’s better to be late than to end up in a hospital bed. Remember this the next time you increase speed to reach your destination on time.


Driver’s Fatigue:

In a survey conducted by ICBC, 30% of drivers admitted that they have nodded off at some point, and an alarming 43% admitted to being fatigued while driving. Due to our fast-moving lifestyles, many need more sleep. Some of us also experience fatigue and drowsiness due to medication. Road accidents caused by driver fatigue are more common in summer when people prefer long road trips.

Some other common distractions are daydreaming, playing with various systems of your vehicle, eating or reading while driving or applying makeup while conducting. Please refrain from doing any such activity that puts you at risk.

Now, let us learn some simple safety measures to help reduce the chances of your road accident and ensure your safety.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt:

Wearing a seat belt helps reduce the chances of death by 47% in the case of a fatal accident. It also reduces the chances of getting any serious injury. You can save your life and the lives of your loved ones if you wear a seat belt at all times. If everyone wears a seat belt, at least 300 lives could be saved annually in Canada.

Follow the Traffic Rules:

As per recent data from, 40% of speeding and aggressive driving cases involve drivers aged 16-24, with 80% of them being intoxicated. Drinking and driving significantly contribute to accidents among young adults. Stay sober when going.

Additionally, adhere to speed limits; studies indicate a mere 1% reduction in speed cuts fatal accidents by 5%. Drive cautiously to prevent vehicle damage and accidents. In case of car troubles, seek vehicle recovery and towing services promptly. Remember, safe driving practices reduce risks and ensure road safety for all.

Be Careful at the Intersections:

Many fatal collisions occur at the intersections. Urban intersection crashes account for over half of all car crashes. In 40% of these cases, the drivers either fail to yield the right of way or disobey the traffic signal. Some drivers run red lights or complete a left turn on the yellow light, often at high speed. Following traffic rules and driving slowly at intersections is essential to prevent accidents.

To address the issues of overspeeding and reckless driving, the Canadian municipality has installed red-light cameras to detect vehicles breaking signals and not adhering to traffic rules.


It is essential to take all the safety measures and precautions while driving. However, suppose you ever land up in an accident due to any unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances and need any car roadside assistance. In that case, you should look for a towing service near you. Timely roadside assistance will take care of car damages and Vehicle recovery.

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