Vehicle breakdowns are very common, especially in the winter season.

At some point in our lives, we have all been in a situation when our car suddenly stops in the middle of the road. Sometimes, we can jumpstart a car in a few attempts, but at other times, Jumping a car can be an arduous effort.

Proper maintenance and timely vehicle service are essential to take care of regular wear and tear. A car breakdown is not entirely avoidable; however, proper maintenance can reduce the chances of a sudden breakdown. It is also important to stay alert when driving, as this will reduce the chances of a collision. One must also have a basic understanding of the machine to determine the problem and take appropriate action.

So, what can you do in the case of a breakdown?

The first step should be to determine the cause of a breakdown. Let us now understand some of the common causes of a car breakdown:

Breakdowns can be caused by several reasons, such as faulty batteries, lost keys, damaged wheels, flat tires, clogged filters, etc.

Now, the next step is to decide whether the problem is easily fixable or if you need professional help to eliminate the issue. If you cannot find the cause of the breakdown, it is recommended that you call for some roadside assistance service to help your car jumpstart.

If it is a minor issue like a windshield breakdown or a flat tire, you can park your vehicle safely away from the traffic area and replace the wipers or tires yourself. You may also take another vehicle to fetch the repair parts from a nearby store. But you should attempt this step only if you are confident you are doing it right.

However, it is better to leave it to the professionals. You may qualify for free roadside assistance or a towing facility if your vehicle is still under warranty.

When a breakdown happens

  1. If the breakdown happens while driving:

    Evaluate your surroundings and the nature of the breakdown and see if you can make it to some area or a parking lot. If not, then pull your car to the side of the road. Your first step should be getting away from the traffic to avoid collision. Always turn on the emergency flashlights to alert the other vehicles on the road. Do not remain in the car if there is any probability of being hit by another vehicle. Exit the vehicle from the side, away from the traffic.

  2. If your car is in parking:

    Consider yourself lucky if your car has broken down while parked. You might have to cancel a few plans, but you can immediately call for assistance and get it repaired.

Once your car is in a safe spot, the next step is to contact a technician who can examine the vehicle and come up with a solution. Explain the nearest landmarks to him and guide him to your location. Provide him with a detailed explanation of the problem. If you notice any unusual engine sound or smell while driving, inform him about the same. This may help the technician detect the problem even before he arrives.

In most cases, a technician can jumpstart the car on the spot. However, the car must sometimes be towed to the repair facility. If a mechanical breakdown has occurred due to a collision, towing the car is the probable next step.

Jumpstarting a car can be a tiring job. Therefore, it is necessary to take some precautions to reduce the chances of a breakdown. Here are some simple maintenance tips that one can follow:Jump-start-a-car

  1. Always keep some common spare parts in your vehicle. For example, Car jumper cables for dead battery service, a spare tire, etc. These can come in handy in the event of a breakdown.
  2. You can extend the auto warranty of the vehicle if the warranty period of your car has lapsed. This will allow you to avail of any emergency services at the time of need.
  3. Tires are often the most neglected and the most used part of the car. It is important to check the tire pressure every week and go through the tire rotation process once every six months to ensure the longevity of the tires.
  4. Always look for a trusted mechanic who does not overcharge you for services or does not perform any unnecessary services just to make some extra bucks.
  5. The engine is a significant component of your car. Over time, the engine oil gets dirty. So, changing the engine oil at regular intervals is suggested to keep your car running smoothly without any trouble.
  6. Besides engine oil, other essential fluids like brake oil, transmission oil, power steering oil, and coolant must also be changed once every few years!
  7. Consumable filters, spark plugs, and belts should also be checked regularly and must be replaced in case they are found damaged!


Car breakdowns are widespread, and if statistics are to be believed, everyone goes through a vehicle breakdown at least once in their lifetime. It is essential to have some emergency numbers handy to call for help in the event of a breakdown. 

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