It is not every day that you experience a breakdown in your vehicle. Sometimes, due to delayed maintenance or some minor negligence of the repairer, your vehicle might create extensive pressure on the engines and result in a breakdown.

Even if you are very particular regarding servicing and maintaining your vehicle, there might be a time when your vehicle's tire is punctured, or the tank runs out of fuel. At that time, you need roadside assistance in Edmonton.

In case of such unfortunate events, you might need help from the car towing company. This way, you can safely transport your vehicle from the current spot to any nearest workstation or service point.

Though various towing services in Edmonton are available for your vehicle, flatbed towing has always stood out in the race. The exceptional well-being and durability of the flatbed towing service never fail to grab the attention of vehicle owners.

According to the facts provided by ZipRecruiter, the flatbed towing service industry has come a long way. It is one of the most in-demand service providers in recent times.

What Exactly is Flatbed Towing?

The widely popular and generally preferred flatbed towing service provides a secure bed for towing your vehicles a long way.

Flatbed towing is different from traditional towing or lifting. As in flatbed towing, your vehicle rests on the truck's platform without touching or coming into any contact with the ground while transporting it from one place to another.

There is no fear of the vehicle slipping away or knocking down the hook over a complex curve as the vehicle is safely affixed to the bedded surface of the towing truck. Further, the risk of damage is also highly remote.

Let us quickly dive into some of the benefits of flatbed tow truck towing.

Benefits of Flatbed Towing:

  1. Protecting Your Vehicle:

    When choosing a flatbed towing service during a vehicle breakdown, you shield your vehicle's suspension and other sensitive parts from experiencing jerks and absorbing shocks.

    A flatbed cuts off the direct contact of your vehicle with the ground level and thus prevents the damage caused by uneven roads and sloppy bumps.

  2. A Tow for All Vehicle Type:

    Generally, tow trucking covers specific cars that are easy to tow and fit in the criteria of small commercial vehicles, but a flatbed towing service opens the bracket for all types of vehicles, ranging from two-wheelers to SUVs.

    Irrespective of the total weight and size of the vehicle, flatbed tow trucks have the most accurate structure for transporting them securely.

  3. The Right Choice for Premium Vehicle:

    However, in the general case scenario, many individuals prefer regular towing services as the price is higher. However, flatbed towing is ideal to cart your luxury vintage or sports cars.

    Flatbed towing services are the most secure way to transport your branded cars, and you will not mind paying extra for such affixed premium services.

  4. Faster and Safer:

    Well, in comparison with hook towing, flatbed towing is significantly quicker as your vehicle is not in contact with the ground, and you do not have to drive slowly.

    Other than quick delivery, the main advantage of flatbed towing is that your vehicles are entirely safe and secure. There is a highly remote possibility of any scratches or inevitable damage.

  5. Long-Distance Towing:

    If you're looking for long-distance or safe towing, then a flatbed tow truck is the best option as it is fixed safely into the bedded surface of the vehicle and doesn't touch the ground while being transported from one place to the other.

    Using flatbed towing, you can avoid damage to your vehicles as it protects your cars from potholes or rough ground while travelling a long distance.

  6. No Need for Adjustment:

    Unlike other towing trucks, the flatbed tow truck does not require any adjustments to transport any vehicle. While putting the car on a flatbed tow truck, you have to affix it safely to the bedding surface, and you are good to go.


Irrespective of the slight rise in the total cost of vehicle transportation in flatbed towing service, you can never neglect the safety and durability it provides.

There is a price for convenience, and thus, paying a bit more for the utmost safety of your vehicle should not be a concern.

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