Have you ever suffered from a car breakdown in the middle of the road? We know that it could be a nerve-racking experience for those who have.

Earlier, people could do minor repairs by themselves, but as technology has become complicated over the years, it has become almost impossible for people to repair their damaged cars themselves. Roadside service can come to one’s rescue in such a situation.

What will you do if your car breaks down on a highway and there is no nearby service station?

No one likes being stuck on the road for hours, especially during the nighttime or in harsh weather. In such cases, one can easily avail 24*7 emergency roadside assistance at the click of a button. You can also look for towing services to tow your car to a nearby service station.

Roadside assistance is one of the best aid. It can come in handy at any time, day or night. Roadside assistance companies provide skilled professionals who are experienced in tackling various problems in your vehicle!

Read this blog to learn more about emergency services that provide travellers with a 24-hour roadside assistance service.

A vehicle may break down for several reasons, like a flat tire or a major or minor accident. One may even get locked out of one’s car. A car breakdown service is needed to fix these issues and jump-start your car in such situations. However, if the service providers cannot fix the car on the spot, the towing service provision would apply despite reasonable efforts.

Here are some common types of roadside assistance that one might need when driving:

  1. Changing A Flat Tire:

    Most people can already have a spare tire to install if the tire goes flat. But if you do not have a spare tire or it is not serviceable, you might have to call for help. You can either google “flat tire service near me” or get help from roadside assistance companies. They can send their team to replace your car’s flat tire. If necessary, they might tow your vehicle to the nearest garage.

  2. Unlocking the Steering Wheel or Unlocking a Vehicle:

    If you need any help with the car locks, you can avail yourself of the lockout services of the roadside assistance companies. If your steering or car keys get locked inside your vehicle, they will send you a service to get back into the car and continue your journey. They can also help you with your lost or broken keys. For any such service which involves a locksmith, the registered owner of the vehicle should be present at the time of service.

  3. Emergency Delivery of Gas:

    Suppose your vehicle ever runs out of gas. In that case, the roadside assistance companies can deliver a limited gasoline supply, enabling you to take your car to the nearest gas station or tow your vehicle to the nearest facility where gas is available.

  4. Provide Emergency Towing Services:

    Roadside assistance companies provide essential car breakdown services. But, If all attempts of car jump start to fail and the vehicle is still inoperable, then towing would be the last resort. Towing is also required in case of collisions, which may cause severe damage to the vehicle. In such cases, your vehicle would be towed to the nearest repair facility or any other facility of your choice.

  5. Vehicle Extrication:

    Some other roadside assistance services include vehicle extrication services in case of serious motor vehicle collisions when conventional means of moving a vehicle are impossible or not advisable. Extrication requires some special equipment or additional manpower provided by emergency roadside assistance.

  6. Providing Emergency Repairs:

    Any minor or emergency repairs requiring a change of parts or supplies will be made so that your vehicle can safely operate on its power.

During harsh weather conditions, roadside assistance companies respond to calls on priority and immediately send help to vehicles stuck on highways or blocking roadways. However, there could be some waiting time depending on your location and the prevailing weather conditions. It is essential to keep patient until the help arrives.


Vehicle breakdowns can ruin the best of our plans. Whether heading for a long road trip or going to the office, a vehicle breakdown can cause serious trouble. These breakdowns can be even more traumatic in harsh weather conditions when getting down on the road and seeking help from fellow travellers is unusually tough. In cases like these, roadside assistance companies can be your blessing in disguise.

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